Credit Courses

Need extra credits for your high school diploma or want to improve your high school grades? We can help you.

Students that enroll in our credit programs get the credits they need, earn their high school diploma and are confident and prepared for college/university entrance. Credit Courses are offered, full-time or part-time.

For your convenience Courses can be taken at our DAY school, NIGHT school or SUMMER school.

Grade 9

Visual Arts AVI1O Open
Introduction to Business BBI1O Open
Geography of Canada CGC1DAcademic
English ENG1D Academic
Core French FSF1D Academic
Learning Strategies 1: Skills for Success in Secondary School GLS1O Open
Principles of Mathematics MPM1D Academic
Healthy Active Living Education PPL1O Open
Science SNC1D Academic

Grade 10

Introduction to Business BBI2O Open
Canadian History in the Twentieth Century CHC2D Academic
Civics CHV2O Open
English ENG2D Academic
Core French FSF2D Academic
Career Studies GLC2O Open
Principles of Mathematics MPM2D Academic
Healthy Active Living Education PPL2O Open
Science SNC2D Academic
Computer and Information Science TIK2O Open

Grade 11

Introduction to Financial Accounting BAF3M University/College
The Americas: Geographic Patterns and Issues CGD3M University/College
American History CHA3U University
World History to the Sixteenth Century CHW3M University/College
The Individual and the Economy CIE3M University/College
Understanding Canadian Law CLU3M University/College
Canadian Politics and Citizenship CPC3O Open
Media Studies EMS3O Open
English ENG3U University
Canadian Literature ETC3M University/College
Core French FSF3U University
World Religions: Beliefs, Issues, and Religious Traditions HRT3M University/College
An Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology HSP3M University/College
Philosophy: The Big Questions HZB3O Open
Computer and Information Science ICS3M University/College
Functions MCR3U University
Functions and Applications MCF3M University/College
Health for Life PPZ3O Open
Biology SBI3U University
Chemistry SCH3U University
Science SNC3M University/College
Physics SPH3U University

Grade 12

Principles of Financial Accounting BAT4M University/College
International Business Fundamentals BBB4M University/College
Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals BOH4M University/College
World Geography: Human Patterns and Interactions CGU4U University
Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis CGW4U University
World History: The West and the World CHY4U University
Analysing Current Economic Issues CIA4U University
Canadian and International Law CLN4U University
Canadian and World Politics CPW4U University
English ENG4U University
The Writers Craft EWC4U University
Core French FSF4U University
Individuals and Families in a Diverse Society HHS4M University/College
Philosophy: Questions and Theories HZT4U University
Computer and Information Science ICS4M University/College
Classical Civilization LVV4U University
College and Apprenticeship Mathematics MAP4C College
Advanced Functions MHF4U University
Calculus and Vectors MCV4U University
Mathematics of Data Management MDM4U University
Biology SBI4U University
Chemistry SCH4U University
Earth and Space Science SES4U University
Physics SPH4U University
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