Summer CampPrograms

First Come First Served. There are only 15 spaces available!

Ages 3.5—12 years
Healthy afternoon snack included

Maths and English Summer Program.

We will prepare your child for their next grade. Through games and fun they will learn Maths and English. A summer enrichment program will help stimulate your children mentally and equip them with expertise to ace their next grades. The Alliance Coaching Academy helps students to enjoy their studies and not think of it as a burden.

Arts and Crafts.

We have designed several arts and crafts programs according to differnt age groups. Children can have fun and improve their coloring, painting, drawing skills etc.

Public Speaking

Learn to speak with confidence..a skill so needed in schools and universities. We want to make public speaking something enjoyable and fun. That probably is the most important thing to encourage your children. If it becomes work and no longer enjoyable children can never learn.
Preparing your children by teaching and learning public speaking can give them the doorway to other opportunities in life that they want to enter.

Young Writers.

We have designed programs that will help children inhance their imagination power, improve story writing skills and poem writing skills with fun.

Acting and Drama.

Children will build their acting and drama skills.

Computing skills.

Children will build their computing skills.

Summer Camp Features:

  • Our summer Camp is run by highly experienced teachers.
    Our staff is comprised of caring individuals that will ensure that your child’s summer camp experience is one filled with wonderful memories and multiple learning experiences.
  • We offer affordable Summer Camps.
    If you don't want to keep your child at home all summer long, you may want to consider enrolling your child in an elementary Summer Enrichment Program.

  • We offer customized Summer Camp programs.
    We design our summer camp programs that are unique to each child's individual interests and learning abilities. We customize our Summer Camps according to your choice and needs. You can talk with the teacher or principal about which program is best for your child.
  • Learning with Fun.
    Children work so hard at school the whole year. We believe, they deserve some fun time too. Our summer camp programs are full of fun for children along with learing.