Phillip Kong

My daughter was having problems at school. She was either flunking her subjects or just passing. She also had problems with either handing in homework or assignments late or not at all. We have always had private tutoring for her, one hour every week, which helped a little. The last tutor she had was having health problems and we decided to look for a new tutor. My wife was referred to someone from Alliance Coaching Academy and gave the principal, Fariha, a call. We set up an appointment for Fariha to do an assessment with our daughter and she told us that our daughter was very bright, but she was the type of child that needed coaching on a daily basis. The fees were just over half of what we paid to other tutors and because it was so reasonable we decided to give Alliance a try.

Our daughter has been attending Alliance Coaching Academy for about 4 months now and we have seen tremendous improvement in her work. Her homework and assignments are being handed in on time, except maybe once or twice. Her marks for the most part have jumped from 50s and 60s to 70s and 80s and even higher at times. The teachers at Alliance Coaching Academy not only just help with her academics, but they encourage and support our daughter to strive for better. We are very pleased with the professionalism and the personal tutoring that our daughter receives from the teachers at Alliance Coaching Academy and the improvement in her grades is a testimony to the success of the coaching that she receives.

Sandy Wu

My kids have been tutoring with Alliance Coaching Academy for the last two years. They not only are doing well in their work but also they enjoy coming here. Their grades have improved drastically. The teachers are extremely caring. My kids are benefiting in school both academically and socially by having a teacher like her.


I am a student from a catholic school in Markham. I was having a lot of difficulty in my Grade 11 Physics. I called Alliance Coaching Academy and the principal promised me that I would get the best teacher and she would do anything in her power to help me achieve my goals. She kept her promise. She got me tutored by an excellent tutor and I achieved an 85% from a 70 that I was getting prior to tutoring.I strongly recommend this school to all the students who seriously want to do better in their studies.

Catherine Yang

Summer Camp in Alliance Coaching Academy is exceptional. My three children are going there and they are not only having fun but they are also learning so much. Everyday the children bring work that they have done. Sometimes I am surprised to see how much they have covered in just two weeks. At first my youngest would give me tough time going there but she is surely have an excellent time now as she now is awake before everyone else ready to go to her favourite place.

Sanjam Bagga

Ms. Fariha has helped my kids in all aspects related to their studies and building their confidence. She helped them achieve high grades in school and helped them in all school projects as well. I am very thankful for her help and guidance. She also provided an environment to them which is fun loving and reward them and motivate them for good work. Hope this helps and please feel free to make any changes as required by yourself. Thanks