• Free Diagnostic Assessment

    Our tutoring starts with a Diagnostic Assessment of the student's
    understanding of the subject. This is completely free. This is the time when we try to create an environment for the student where the student feels safe. Our assessment provides a clear picture of your child's strengths and weaknesses. This system helps to ensure the quality, consistency and accountability of our program so that we efficiently make use of the tutoring time.
  • make learning fun and not a burden

    We work on enhancing their knowledge and understanding of the
    subject. Lots of scaffolding is needed for the child to cope up with their current curriculum. We work on fixing their concepts and therefore making their educational foundation stronger. Our slogan is to “make learning fun and not a burden”.
  • affordable tutoring

    Our programs provide affordable tutoring in a clean and safe
    environment. We can provide both one to one or group instructions according to the need of your child. Once your child comes to us he or she will love to learn and get ahead in class. We keep working on not only the subject but also keeping the student focused and motivated to reach their set goals. We guarantee them the personalized attention they need and deserve.
  • Enrichment Programs

    Our tutors use student’s homework as the core curriculum for helping
    them succeed in the classrooms. Once our students have reached their class goals for that grade we go above and beyond the student’s existing homework. This creates an enriched program where the students can learn and explore much more than the school homework. Alliance Coaching Academy’s services cover all grade levels, from kindergarten to university, and incorporate an understanding of different student learning styles.
  • Flexibility

    At Alliance Coaching Academy we customize the tutoring lessons
    to suit your availability. You will greatly enjoy the flexibility that we provide. We can arrange lesson times to fit into your busy schedule without any difficulty. For many families this also means that extra-curricular activities can be more easily coordinated while the student receives the academic support he or she needs.
  • Refreshing

    You are going to find Alliance Coaching Academy refreshing.
    A place where you can rely on the teachers to make your child enjoy learning and not think of it as a task but a fun activity. Its a promise that once your child comes to us you will see a definite change.
  • Excellent Material and teaching Techniques

    We use a variety of well-known books, educational material and
    techniques to help us in rendering extraordinary tutoring. We help the students with that they are working on in school. We also work with the student's current teacher to ensure that we are meeting the student and teacher's expectations. We create a safe environment where students never hesitate to ask questions. We know that every student is different from the other. That’s why we provide unique tutoring that is specially cultivated for your child. We make sure that after every session the principal asks the student to assess the learning for that session. If for some reason the student has not understood we make sure that the next time the child gets free tutoring. We are so confident of our teaching techniques and passion that we Guarantee great results under certain conditions.